Chanticleers, SerialKillers…. and Vanna White

    June24/ 2017

    Originally Posted July 2016

    Eat your heart out ESPN and FS1.  BobLee connects The Most Popular Guy in Greater Myrtle Beach…. a petty criminal…. and “Vanna”.

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    …. (1) Did Coastal Carolina’s Chanticleers conquering Omaha “change the land


    scape” of Big Time College Sports?

    …. (2) Will Coastal’s Coach Gary Gilmore replace Vanna White as Numero Un

    o Celebrity in Greater Myrtle Beach?

    …. (3) How did “the other Gary Gilmore” die?

    Lets settle #3 first. That answer is “by a volunteer firing squad” in 1977 in Draper Utah.

    If you are into Famous Criminal Trivia you know that….. The other Gary Gilmoregary-gilmore-wieden-kennedy-1 was a career petty criminal who killed two people in a mini crime spree in 1976. He was found guilty of Murder One in October 1976.  Given the option (??) of death by (1) hanging or (2) firing squad. Gary chose “firing squad”. He was executed four months later by “a volunteer firing squad”.

    His case sparked a national discussion over capital punishment and a book (Executioner’s Song by Norman Mailer) and a movie in which Gary was played by Tommy Lee Jones. The stuff you learn around here.  YOWSA!

    Did Dean Smith attend a candlelight vigil for Gary Gilmore?  I don’t know.  Ask Art Chansky.

    I’ve never heard of “volunteer firing squads”, have you? Would you volunteer to be on a firing squad? Does one supply one’s own gun or is one provided?

    LINK TO all you need to know about “the other Gary Gilmore”…..

    When Coastal Carolina’s Head Coach Gary Gilmore seized his Andy Warhol 15-minutes of fame last week, I kept thinking “I’ve heard that name before ???” I wonder if there are any college baseball coaches named Richard Speck or John Wayne Gacy?

    On to #2….

    I’ve never been a Myrtle Beach kinda-guy. “My beach” has always been Atlantic Beach a/k/a “Morehead”. Nothing against Myrtle Beach but I don’t play golf or frequent strip clubs and “my beach” affords me the same ocean, choice of multiple tacky t-shirt shops owned by drug cartels for money laundering…. and it is several hours cloVannaWhiteser.

    The times I have visited Myrtle Beach I did so via Wilmington and down Hwy 17 passing thru North Myrtle Beach (NMB). Every time I would see the Welcome To North Myrtle Beach I would think of Vanna White. 

    Did you know that Vanna was actually born in Conway SC (in 1957) where Coastal Carolina University is located? Her mom and stepdad moved to NMB and that is where, legend has it, Vanna White “is from”. I bet you just did quick math and you are now trying to deal with the fact that Vanna White is 59 years old. OMG!

    She began on “Wheel” in December 1982. That is 34 years of “being Vanna White”.

    While “being Vanna White on Wheel Of Fortune” may be a punch line; it has to be one of THE coolest gigs in show bizness. Assuming they shoot the episodes in bunches every few months…. She (and Pat) only “work” a few weeks a year….. get paid very very well…. are much loved by an incredibly loyal fan base…. and she has plenty of time for her hobbies which, according to Wikipedia are “crocheting and knitting” and she even has her own line of yarn.

    I know Pat Sajak is a very nice person.  I wonder if Vanna is too?  I bet she is.

    Given the option of being “the other Gary Gilmore” or being Vanna White, I bet we would all choose to be Vanna. I sure would.

    In addition to Vanna being from there, the Myrtle Beach area is also renown as the current home of former UNCCH Footballers Paul Miller and “Little Ricky” Packard….

    And, if I’m not mistaken, also “Mr Amphibious” himself NC State’s Charles Shackleford. “Shack” makes the news about every 6-8 years usually involving either under-age girls, unregistered firearms or possessing a controlled substance. It’s been about seven years since his last incident so this could be his year.  Am I the only one who wonders what is “a day in the life of Charles Shackleford” possibly like?

    So now to #1 above …..

    IMO, it is very very cool that unheralded Coastal Carolina won it all in Omaha.  GO CHANTICLEERS !!

    FYI… Absolutely NO ONE who matriculated thru public education (wink, wink) in America over the past 10 years has a clue who Chanticleer was or The Canterbury Tales but they can name at least three Kardashians and the various NBA players they have “hooked up” with.

    Did You Know…. The Palmetto State now leads The Tar Heel State 3-1 in NCAA Baseball Champions?

    You probably know that The Gamecocks of USoCar won back-to-back titles in 2010-11, but how many of you knew that Wake Forest won it in 1955…. which was two years before Vanna White was born.

    UNCCH coulda/shoulda won it in 2006 but didn’t. And, of course, NC StateGary-Gilmore mighta/coulda won it this year since they came within a pitch or two of beating Coastal Carolina in a rain-plagued regionals at Doak. It is a stretch to say The Wolfpack woulda then have beaten all the teams Coastal went on to defeat but, hey, this is sports so “reality” is whatever we want it to be.

    NOTE:  I love the whole Coach Gilmore story.  He and “those like him” are what is still good about the toxic waste dump of Big Time College Sports.  I wish Coach Gilmore a Lifetime of good fortune, good friends and sunny skies.  

    Every time I saw him in Omaha I thought “Wasn’t he a reoccurring character in My Name Is Earl?”

    So, does a National Champion emerging from a non-Power Five conference really mean anything earth-shaking for college athletics? …. Yes and No.

    Certainly it could happen again in Baseball. And every pundit and sports talker in the Western Hemisphere has noted “Butler almost did it in Basketball” a few years ago. Gordon Heywood’s Hail Mary came within a frog hair of beating Duke. Butler got to the Finals again the next year in the gawd-awful game versus UConn.

    Before Butler there was Indiana State with Larry Bird as runner-up to Magic’s Michigan State in 1979 and before that there was Texas Western winning in 1965 in the black versus white game against Kentucky.  Way before that there were lots of others but nothing before ESPN “went live” counts in sports.

    So, yes, a non-Power Five team could win the NCAA BB title.

    Could those Boise State teams back 8-10 years ago when we first learned there actually is a Boise State have won a FB NatChmp? The only answer to “could” is yes because back then it was determined by voting, not on-field.

    No one EVER trusts the results of “voting” except, of course, whoever is declared the winner.

    Is it even possible that “a David” could win a FB NatChmp?   Yes because getting to the FB Final Four is determined by voting by that infamous Condi Rice & The Whozits that meet in Grapevine, TX.  If “a David” gets to The Final Four they could find Lightning In A Bottle and do it. But don’t bet your 401-K on it.

    In Basketball, one Super SuperStar like a Larry Bird could carry his team all the way. More likely in Basketball than Baseball because a Super Pitcher only plays every four days and a Super Batter only bats 3-4 times/game.

    In Football, the impact of one SuperStar is even less. Football is more about “depth” of talent in both Offense and Defense and “Davids” simply won’t have that. But it is fine if their fans want to believe they can.

    When devoted fans of “a David” are disappointed that their team doesn’t “win it all”, they can always do what devoted fans of Goliaths do

    The referees….
    Or The NCAA….
    Or, of course, Dan Kane.

    But hopefully not Vanna White.


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    MORE BobLeeSays on Everything Else – LINK

    • Little Dickie from Kinston Reply
      3 years ago

      Gosh darn BL,

      It’s so nice of you to keep us up to date on the exploits of “Mr. Amphibious”.
      How is the UNC “OJ” Derrick Fenner doing these days. Any news about his criminal proclivities since making all the True Blues proud?

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        Is Derrick Fenner or any other UNC bad boys living in Myrtle Beach?

    • Doug Reply
      3 years ago

      …..”tacky t-shirt shops owned by drug cartels for money laundering.” That’s what my wife says all those mattress shops popping up on every corner are for. Much more efficient and “legit” or so her thinking goes.

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        Every beach town would have two “beachwear shops” across the street from each other. One was Eagles. I forget the other… but both supposedly owned by either “A-rabs” or Columbian cartels to launder $$$. I suppose the 10,000 mattress stores could be the same. … in MyrtleBeach those two stores were like on every intersection of The Strand.

        • Doug Reply
          3 years ago

          Wings was the other one.

          • BobLee Reply
            3 years ago

            Yes…. Wings.

    • NCSU68Grad Reply
      3 years ago

      Interesting connections….sort of how Trump connects Hillary with the REAL cause of Global Warming….the Animals are in HEAT (read the headlines….Bear charges at Denali; Bear wolf down Mountain Biker at Glacier; Alligators cooperate at Disney. THAT is why we have Global Warming and Hillary’s email server was the cause. If you doubt, then listen to Trump’s Stump Speeches….

      Seriously. I have been a MB person since my parents took me there when I was a mere 30 YO kid. That was 68 years ago. Sort of like home. My kids were THRILLED at the Pavillion and the Organ. We took my 4 YO GS to the Pavillion when it CLOSED….were there on the LAST day. We remember it….he doesn’t. Bought a couple of TS’s there and have gone back every year.

      Did NOT know that Vanna was a NMB person. Rarely go to NMB….like the south side and Murrell’s inlet. Jimmy Durante’s crew stopped in Calabash and he made Mrs. Calabash famous. Can get great seafood at SMB. Vanna is 59? Wow….Hillary needs to find HER secrets…

      The locals at our TS bar were NOT local. PA, MD, IN, NY, MD, CT, TN, VA, etc. They were NOT cheering for Chanticleer (I did Re-Read the Nun Priest’s Tale just to bone up on Chanticleer). Chanticleer would have put a REAL smile on Vanna’s face.

      I thought that GG was actually the inspiration for the 2nd Brother, Daryl, at Bob Newhart’s village. He is a GREAT personality….and I, also predict he will TRY to repeat. But, as Jimmy V. once chortled…..we used up ALL of our breaks in 1983. Maybe there is STILL one….but what a way to celebrate your 1,100th Victory.

      Watching the MLB game in Fayetteville… was on at our favorite Mexican cantina…..what is the world coming to when you eat Mexican for July 4rh?

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        Watching Ft Bragg game right now. A very good thing. 🙂

    • Doug Reply
      3 years ago

      Ran into the winningest, and still active, high school baseball coach in NC history today. He thinks there will be more Coastal Carolina’s winning the CWS from time to time. Also told me there were probably only 1 or 2 players on that roster that got looks from the big time programs and only as walk-ons most likely. Whatever, it was still magic.

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        Does a kid get more MLB scouts seeing him playing at Coastal… or if he lived in a barrio in The Dominican?

        • TheCowdog Reply
          3 years ago

          6 drafted and 2 sign as free agents. Dominicans sent me packing back in ’77.
          🙁 Really.

          Coach forgot Fresno St.

          • BobLee Reply
            3 years ago

            6 Chantys were drafted? I would think CCU will have no problem scheduling Power Fives from now on. USoCar already played them I think. They will be a high RPI W for anyone who can beat them assuming Gilmore can continue recruiting “his kind of kids” which I assume he will. A sexy beach school with Big Time Baseball that MLB scouts are watching is a nice package for recruits. Gilmore won’t even need “charging stations” and WiFi…

          • CPR Reply
            3 years ago

            Just two examples CD. There are many more from WCAC, WAC, MWC, loaded with boys from the Southland (I refuse to use “SoCal” or Cali”. Ugh. You have lived there. So many HOF and champions have vanned championship teams, including UA, ASU, Ducks, OSU, UDUBS, UTES, BYU.
            There are JC/cc teams that could have won NCs. In fact they did when they transferred to PCC schools. It wasn’t a population thing. When I grew up in Belmont Shore, Orange County was agricultural as was San Diego County and much of San Berdoo, Riverside, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Kern, and Fresno Counties.
            Anaheim and Santa Ana had a population of fewer than 45,000 in 1946, today nearly 800,000!

            • BobLee
              3 years ago

              Haven’t Texas and AZ also produced enough baseball talent year in-year out to produce A LOT of top quality teams at all levels? Not unlike NYC producing enough basketball talents back in the 50-60-70s? There were teams in The Rucker Tournament in Harlem that were NBA-quality.

    • CPR Reply
      3 years ago

      Blood atonement. LDS concept. Gary was a member of a fine LDS family who chose blood atonement along with Jesus the Christ’s blood atonement for a bad, bad sin of murder.

      Rice, U of San Diego, Cal State-Fullerton are examples of excellent baseball programs. Fun programs to follow.

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        You must have some kind of advanced degree in World Theology or something ?? 🙂 … You’re right. Everyone forgets Cal-State Fullerton. I think Rice is still remembered as a SWC school. But Coastal was a glorified Community College until just a few years ago.

        • CPR Reply
          3 years ago

          Coach Gilmore’s accomplishment is mind blowing. He can justifiably be pleased for his baby that has grown into quite a man.

          • BobLee Reply
            3 years ago

            Absolutely. He has a National Championship and a lot of very fine coaches never get one.

    • BigAlSouth Reply
      3 years ago

      The only problem with HDTV is that beautiful babes born in 1957 don’t look so great in 2016.

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        All those damn pixels reveal why too much…. 🙂

    • Frank.Linstreet Reply
      3 years ago

      “Wasn’t he a reoccurring character in My Name Is Earl?” …. everything after that was just a blur. I was just coping with Vanna being 59 and then the My Name Is Earl bit wiped me out.
      These things need Warning Labels BL.

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        Kinston’s Jaime Pressley was a co-star in My Name Is Earl. Haven’t heard much about Jaime since. Wonder if Jaime and fellow former Kinstonian “Mr. Amphibious” have ever met?

    • wolfdon Reply
      3 years ago

      Enjoyed this column ! It is my understanding that VW and PS do their shows over a 3 month span and go there ways …..PS lives in the Annapolis area and is often seen attending the Nats games and other DC area sports events.

      • BobLee Reply
        3 years ago

        Did not know about Pat living in Annapolis. I do know he and I share ideologies. Wonder if he buys Vanna’s yarn?

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