Is George Soros Purchasing McClatchy Newspapers … naming Rev. William Barber Publisher??

    Agent Pierce
    August20/ 2017

    Is Megalomanical Mogul George Soros Purchasing McClatchy Newspapers. … And naming Rev. William Barber as Publisher ????

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    August 20; 2017: … World’s most infamous living Nazi sympathizer/ multi-billionaire George Soros might be purchasing the McClatchy newspaper chain including its two drowning papers in North Carolina – Raleigh’s News & Observer (a.k.a. The N&O) and Charlotte’s Charlotte Observer.

    George Soros

    Soros’ spokesman David Brock made the announcement Sunday from Soros HQ in ”a secret bunker somewhere in The Poconos”. Brock further added that Soros might name notorious race-baiting flim-flammer Reverend William “Bully” Barber as Publisher of both North Carolina operations.

    A purchase price was not mentioned; but Brock noted… “George got a really good deal.”

    The notoriously reclusive Soros reportedly began his career “outing Hungarian Jews for Nazi death camps”.  Soros evaded The Nuremburg Trials, moving to America where he amassed billions manipulating international money markets.

    In recent years, the megalomanical mega-villain has been The #1 Financier for Rabid Left-wing Hate Groups including Black Lives Matter and Antifa as well as the $$$ foundation for the campaigns of both The Clintons and Barack Hussein Obama.

    Brock was unclear of Soros’ short-term intentions for the two NC papers. Other than “… he might rehire that black guy that wore the funny hat.” (i.e. Barry “Sportin’Life” Saunders)

    No indication of Soros’ plans relative to The N&O long-running vendetta against UNCCH Athletics.


    That’s Not True

    That Headline and 250 words suckered you in.

    You just got “CLICKED”.

    … just like The N&O and Charlotte Observer intend to do to its readers from now on… as of last week.

    That story about Soros is NOT true (but maybe could be…)… but that apparently no longer matters.  Throw up a Provocative Headline with just enough “facts” to feed the insatiable paranoia of a very paranoid albeit ever-shrinking reader-base… and CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK...

    Inside Sources at N&O’s morgue-like HQ tell us:

    TabloidsMcClatchy’s few remaining reporters have been notified from now on they will be evaluated based upon How Many Clicks their articles /columns generate. In other words they ARE NOW SUPERMARKET TABLOIDS!

    N&O On Road To Perdition – LINK

    Will this latest desperation move convince anyone who still thought The N&O and C-Observer had even a shred of journalistic integrity? Neither media outlet has “had a shred of integrity” since Duke Lacrosse and John & Rielle Fiascos.  NOW will you believe it?

    McClatchy did not think of this latest “trick” on their own. Failing left-wing print media across America have been this desperate for several years. Apparently, they know, as a former N&O staffer told me recently,  their hard-core Lib/Dem readers “will believe anything we tell’em….”.

    It is all about Clicks from now on. Their printed editions are irrelevant. They will maintain that sham for another year or so for appearance sake. It’s all about “their digital platforms” / websites) and suckering you to CLICK on their social media links. They don’t even care if you read it, just CLICK on it.

    Every CLICK helps their ad rates.  The N&O is VERY VERY Desperate to sell digital ads.

    Reports say… these poor b*stards are closer than ever to actually going belly-up.   If I was a vendor and they owed me money, I’d be nervous. I’m not… so not my problem.

    Whatever they have to do to get CLICKs.  Look for their headlines to get even more lurid and provocative….







    Will HOMICIDAL NEKKID CHEERLEADER headlines be next?

    “will believe anything we tell’em”


    So…. That stuff up top about George Soros buying the failing McClatchy papers is NOT TRUE (as far as I know). Nor the part about “Bully” Barber becoming Publisher. That is not even necessary since “Bully” has had both papers in his backpocket for the past ten years.

    The background stuff “about George Soros” IS TRUE. Hopefully all of you knew that. VERY VERY EVIL GEORGE SOROS!  I DARE YOU to forward this to your friends who still subscribe to either newspaper “for the coupons and obituaries”.

    HECK… I like CLICKS too.

    PS:  I have a call in to my inside source over at Jim Goodmon’s WRAL to see if Ol’ “Limo-Lib” Jimbo might be interested in selling out to George too.  I betcha he would… don’t you?


    More AgentPierce – LINK

    Agent Pierce
    • Doug Reply
      2 years ago

      At one time truth was stranger than fiction. The N&O changed all that.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        “Truth” be known, they have likely manipulated “truth” for many years well before McClatchy took over from The Daniels Gang. Most Wuffies certainly will agree to that.
        Even Ol’ BK was not so in love with The N&O back in the late 80s-early 90s. Again… “situational indignation”.
        Removing The Fairness Doctrine made “the news” much “fairer”. Which is why BK’s bunch so despise that happening.

    • bobby poon Reply
      2 years ago

      Why one of those two rags hasn’t changed its format to mirror the NY Post or the Enquirer I don’t know. The full page color pic with catchy headline that easily fits in grocery store news racks,is much easier to handle by carrier and reader, and carries the “hook” on the cover. The Page Six feature in the NY Post that focuses on social and prominent persons is ripe for fake news and is easily mirrored.
      Once one of these two realizes they are nothing more than a blog and in business to make money, then I believe you will see this drastic but necessary change.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        One answer to that question could simply be the added cost of color printing. I don’t see news stand copies of the Char-Obs but The N&O print edition is smaller than my old high school paper… and getting smaller each month. As I note, their print edition simply exists because to discontinue it would eliminate a major reason some are reluctant to cancel their subscriptions… “I just like a newspaper with my morning coffee”. That is usually Reason 1-2 or 3 along with “coupons and obituaries”.

    • DM Carpenter Reply
      2 years ago

      AP, congratulations on perfectly executing what your buddy BobLee would likely describe as a “called shot”.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        I might finally out-click BL with this one! NOBODY out-clicks “The Internet Legend”…. except maybe ME!

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