Stiletto Madness Grips America… just another day on the Internet

    Agent Pierce
    August30/ 2017

    Stiletto Madness Grips America…

    Believing ANYTHING you read on the Internet especially Twitter / Facebook is playing Russian Roulette with your brain.

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    On a Landmark Day for Social Media. Millions of Twitter monkeys and Facebook Freaks were frantically knee-jerking to Not One… Not Two… but THREE non-stories… that became news because The Great Social Media Knee Jerked.

    Remember way back when, in order to escape Reality, we retreated to the Internet? Now, more and more, we retreat to Reality to escape the Internet…” Ironically, I found that quote ON THE INTERNET… on Twitter no less.

    One you might have missed, possibly two, but surely you saw and reacted to:

    FLOTUS Melania Trump wearing Stiletto Heels as she boards Marine One.

    The We Hate Trump & You Should Too OR You’re A Racist (WHT&YSTOYAR) Media went into Bats**t HYSTERICS re: FLOTUS’ Fashionable Footwear.


    To describe their STOP THE PRESSES reaction as a bit much hardly does it or them justice.   I can’t believe any of you missed it, but if you were in a coma or otherwise occupied, heres the story.

    Yesterday (Tues 8/29) Donald & Melania flew, aboard Air Force One, to visit flood-ravaged Houston. The Trumps were being savaged, of course, for NOT visiting Houston at the height of the disaster (???). On Tuesday they would be savaged FOR visiting because a POTUS’s appearance requires security precautions that could distract from rescue efforts. ….

    1,000s of CHILDREN mostly black and/or gay will probably DIE because The Evil Trumps are in Houston….

    Unconfirmed reports say when Maxine Waters read that she snorted “Damn, I wish I had said that one.”

    Ergo it was not going to matter whether they visited Houston or not… they would be savaged by the We Hate Trumps & You Should……. Media simply “because”. Surely you have figured that out by now.

    Visiting Houston was the right thing to do regardless so The Trumps flew to Houston. Melania wore stilettos leavingThe WH because Melania always wears stilettos leaving The WH.

    The We Hate Trump Because Melania Wears Stilettos Media (a sub-set of the primary WHT&YSTOYAR…. Media) ignited a Twitter Tsunami of EPIC proportions.

    How horribly insensitive of Melania Trump to wear stilettos when visiting a disaster site… this PROVES Melania Hates Children Especially Black & Gender-impaired Children !

    And of course… THIS PROVES (Trump) SHOULD BE IMPEACHED!… and it proves HE IS IN CAHOOTS WITH THE RUSSIANS. I get all the weekly TRUMP OMGs mixed up.

    NOTE: Raleigh’s failing newspaper The N&O was, of course, quick to tweet OMG. EEEVIL MELANIA IS WEARING STILETTOS.

    ASIDE: I was over at BobLee’s when all this ERUPTED. I heard Blondie scream when she saw the LIVE coverage of BlondieMelania walking to Marine One.

    OMG Melania is wearing stilettos to Houston yelled Blondie.

    Relax Blondie, she has a change of shoes on Air Force One. When she steps off AF1 in Houston, Melania will be appropriately shod. I noted assuredly to Mrs BobLee.

    Oh… OK, thanks AP. I was kinda worried there for a second.  Blondie grinned.

    Blondie calmly went back to extinguishing other socio-cultral wildfires threatening our nation. While said nation was in STILETTO MADNES !!!

    BTW: BobLee and Blondie learned yesterday that Kid and Reverend Danny’s twins (due in late December) are “GG”. Kid had “the gender test”. Lord only knows what THAT is!.  Their names will be “Ruthie” and “Scarlett”. Scarlett will go by “Scout”.

    Several hours later, Melania and Donald stepped off AF1 and she was indeed “appropriately shod” as I knew she would be.

    How did I know? I have “common sense”. That gives me an unfair advantage in such matters. What can I say?

    Meanwhile, in the interim, Twitter Monkeys of the rabid left-wing lunatic persuasion were swallowing handfuls of thumbtacks and washing them down with Drano. CHAOS reigned “on the Internet”.

    Were there retractions or updates when Melania appeared “appropriately shod” in Houston. Of course NOT. You just read That Update.

    The Left-wing lunatic lemming that went BATS**T are lying in a crumpled heap at the bottom of a cliff somewhere. They hurtled to their death convinced Melania Trump (and Donald) HATE CHILDREN because she was wearing stilettos when leaving The WH.


    Knee-Jerk #2:

    Evil Christian Joel Osteen Turns Away Flood Victims From His MegaChurch

    NOTE: I don’t much care for Joel Osteen, or for MegaChurches, but the Bulls***-meter was going TILT with this one.Joel Osteen

    Twitter Monkeys not assigned to The Melanis Stilettos OMG were telling The World that:

    Joel Osteen will not allow flood victims to use his church for “shelter from His Own God’s Wrath”. Ergo… ALL CHRISTIANS ARE EVIL and statues of all Christians should be torn down and all Christians fed to lions ASAP.  Osteen Hates Children, especially black ones and gay ones.

    MILLIONS of naïve Twitter-ites were convinced Joel Osteen is Hitler’s Preacher or some such foolishness. Report implied that Osteen had ordered 1,000 KKK stormtroopers to surround his church with orders to SHOOT THE CHILDREN ESPECIALLY THE BLACK / BROWN ONES.

    The TRUTH (Aaiieee That Word) was that the church was having flooding issues that needed to be resolved before it could safely accept flood victims. Those issues were resolved early Tuesday afternoon and 100s of homeless Houstonians were being cared for within EVIL JOEL OSTEEN’s Lakewood Church.

    Again, that UPDATE somehow never got distributed via The Twitter Monkeys. So Joel Osteen’s reputation took a big unfair hit….

    NOTE: Yes, of course Raleigh’s notoriously anti-Christian newspaper, The N&O, gave full Twitter coverage to EVIL CHRISTIAN JOEL OSTEEN DENIES FLOOD VICTIMS ESPECIALLY BLACK & GAY ONES!

    I expected pics of Joel Osteen’s wife – Victoria – wearing stilettos but have NOT seen those YET.


    Knee Jerk #3:

    The Texas Rangers Baseball Team (Which George Bush used to own) Will Not Cooperate with Flood-Ravaged Houston Asros. George Bush

    This is likely the most obscure of the Three from yesterday.

    The flood-ravaged Houston Astros were scheduled to play their rivals The Texas Rangers in Houston’s Minute-Maid Park on Tues and Wed. Obviously, that was impossible. The Astros and Rangers conferred and the games ended up being moved to Tampa Bay.

    One option was to move these two-games to Arlington switching with a late-Sept series in Arlington. The Rangers offered to do THAT giving the proceeds of the moved games to Houston flood-relief… BUT

    You probably read that THE RANGERS REFUSED TO SWITCH THE GAMES. …

    You may have read that Rangers GM John Daniels also HATES CHILDREN ESPECIALLY BLACK & GAY ONES and often “wears his wife’s stilettos”.

    I don’t know John Daniels’ fetishes but I researched this one, again. Smelling a high BULLS*** FACTOR.


    Those are THREE glaring reasons from just One Day NOT to trust anything you read on “the Internet”.

    Yes… you are reading THIS “on the Internet”.

    I suppose Robert Ripley was correct… You can BELIEVE IT… or (Better) NOT …. Your choice.


    MORE of AgentPierce – LINK

    Agent Pierce
    • RMDownEast Reply
      2 years ago

      Swallowing thumbtacks and washing them down with drano. Classic

      More and more the mainstream media/ Ministry of Truth fits the Gippers comment – to the effect of- it’s not that they don’t know anything, it’s just that so much of what they know is wrong.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        Between HL Mencken, Mark Twain and Ron Reagan there is a quote to perfectly describe any occasion.

    • Former96heel Reply
      2 years ago

      Mattress Mac would do anything for publicity, but doubting his charitable heart is not my intent. Osteen most likely wanted to avoid his sanctuary from becoming Superdome 2017. I remember the horror stories from Katrina, true or not. Unless you have a police force able to maintain peace, a 17,000 seat former NBA arena is a little different than opening up First Presbyterian New Bern to the needy. Things could get way out of hand very quickly. Not everyone is there to receive the word or to calmly accept shelter.
      Do you think Sheila Jackson Lee opened her home to the public?
      I do remember a certain faction in 2005 saying bush sent Katrina to New Orleans to punish the underclass. So this media nonesense is not new by any means.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        There is never anything “new” about media nonsense.
        Excellent point about Lakewood likely being trashed like the Superdome was. I thnk you are correct. And NO, Sheila J-Lee did not open her home.

    • NCSU88 Reply
      2 years ago

      Not a fan of Mega-churches either and saw a post today declaring in outrage that there are X churches in Houston and only 25% of them are open as shelters. It’s all about logistics and many churches are not suitable shelters. I bet, technically, furniture store guy doesn’t meet the criteria for operating restrooms, but it’s a feel good story and he’ll have a huge end of year inventory write off for tax purposes.

      • BobLee Reply
        2 years ago

        I don’t care for Osteen on so many levels so for me to be sympathetic towards him shows the TOTAL contempt I have for “the media”.

    • Doug Reply
      2 years ago

      Well, there was high water in Houston. I’m sure high water britches and high heels helped keep her feet dry.
      Meanwhile every reporter or weatherperson doing live shots from Houston go looking for ankle deep water and stand in it on purpose. That’s not nearly as dumb as the same people standing in the surf during at CAT-4 hurricane while, at the same time, advising residents to evacuate and to stay away from danger. Go figger. I remain vigilant for a rare outbreak of common sense but am not hopeful.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        That horse (common sense) has left the barn and disappeared over the horizon, not to be seen again in our Lifetime.

        • JP Reply
          2 years ago

          You guys are looking at this all wrong. Using common sense for fun and profit has provided me not only with the means to make a living, but also liberated small sums from countless fools who would only get in trouble with it. Some of my best customers are those who thought the could fix it themselves, found out they couldn’t, and paid extra just because I never once displayed any amusement at their plight. I can do that in the car on the way home with a pocketful of their money.

          • Agent Pierce Reply
            2 years ago

            Isn’t there a saying about “a fool and his money are soon parted…”? Except these fools want the rest of us to part with our money for their benefit…

            • JP
              2 years ago

              That’s where I come in. I cut out the middleman and go directly to the fool.

    • Down East Heel Reply
      2 years ago

      Old news that the main stream media has lost any semblance of objectivity. The one that got me was the dip**it reporter who opened an interview with an obviously weary Harris County Judge with, “Why did you not order a mandatory evacuation?”
      The answer lies with the same media who always finds the person who is “going to ride it out on the island” with a Cat 4 storm coming. PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO LEAVE JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE TOLD TO. Whatcha gonna do? Arrest them? And how do you organize a mass exodus of 4.5 million. My wife (a very wise lady) said if they would pull their attention away from their smart phones and use a little common sense they could have decided on their own to leave. Alas but only the gubment is capable of that decision I suppose. Who cares what brand of 4 inch heels the FLOTUS was wearing when she left DC? Next you’ll hear how much her shoes cost and how the Trumps, unlike the party of the little guy, are out of touch with the common man.
      Just saw a web site critical of the Cajun Navy. Bunch of guys haul their boats to the next state on their dime and this dumb*** chooses to be critical.
      Can’t touch your use of *’s in my post. Think you just set a record. Doubt it will last long.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        The We Hate Trump & You Should Too Media is already wearing out the “Elites” versus “Common Folk” angle. Alas, they eschewed that when Queen Nichelle was spending $$$Milions on her I JUST ON THE LOTTERY $$$. I believe MIchelle sported a pair of $500 flip flops on one of her Euro-jaunts.

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