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    Agent Pierce
    February20/ 2018

    Stoopid Comments… Bond Girls… Barbecue… & Xerxes


    BobLee aka “The Legend” (and Don Quixote to my humble Sancho Panza) posted a BOFFO column yesterday about “what Laura Ingraham said to Lebron James”. As only “Legend” can do, he somehow morphed that into a conspiracy between The NCDOT and UNCCH Basketball.

    If you are among the scattered few who have not read it… here it is. It provides a context for my relative thoughts on the same subject.


    NOTE: Yesterday was a Double Whammy Day for SaidWhatMedia. Blondie’s Expose on UNCCH’s J-School hit 1,000 views within three hours…


    I am sure you know “what Laura Ingraham said” last week – she admonished Lebron James to “shut up and dribble”. Following Lebron’s “Trump is a F****** racist and hates all us black folks…” or something to that effect. In Lebron’s defense he was simply reading off the cue card furnished to all NFL and NBA players… at least all the “ones of color” which is roughly 90% of them. Laura Ingraham

    Challenging his insult to President Trump is one thing, but her comment challenged his “right” to express an opinion since he was just “a dumb jock”. That approach is essentially telling a woman “why don’t you just stay in the kitchen (or bedroom) and lets us menfolk run the country…”. OUCH!

    Lebron certainly has the right “to say what he is told to say” as much as anyone is.

    It was indeed a very stoopid comment by Laura. Laura has earned a reputation as a “crazy right-wing bomb-thrower” thru provocative commentaries for years… much like Ann Coulter. Libs despise her which is to her credit… but this particular comment was “unfortunately stoopid”.

    If Laura had consulted me first, a global media tsunami could have been averted. Gee, how often would THAT have been the case.

    Remember when Rush called that slut “a slut” 6-8 years ago. I suggested “trollop” or possibly “skank” or even “round heeled dirty leg” but nooooo… 

    Anyhoo… the question arises is “what Laura said” any stoopider than “what Joy Behar said” last week about “Christians are mentally ill” insulting VP Pence… and millions of Christians?

    No… side by side the comments are equally stoopid. Here’s the critical difference…

    If the Jeopardy Answer IS… “Stoopid comment by Laura Ingraham… everyone knows “it”.

    If the Jeopardy Answer IS… “Stoopid comment by Joy Behar”… everyone asks “which one… in the past 10 minutes?”

    Imagine being tasked to compile – 25 Stoopidest Comments by… Maxine Waters … or Sheila Jackson-Lee… or Rob Reiner… or Chelsea Handler… or Joe Scarborough… or Whoopi… or Mika… or Brian Stelter… or Alyssa Milano… or, now, that Hunger Games dingbat WhatsHerName “Lawrence”.  Again… Which Ones… in the past ten minutes?

    Narrowing it to 25… or 250 is akin to Find the 25 smoothest grains of sand between Cape Lookout and Cape Hatteras.

    Assign either task to 100 interns. No list of “stoopid comments” or “smoothest grains of sand” will be the same… but all lists will be valid.

    Stoopidest Comment by Laura Ingraham will, HOPEFULLY, always be this same one.

    Pussy Galore

    Same with Favorite Bond Girl or World’s Best Barbecue Joint… other than “the one in the 2nd Timothy Dalton Bond” or“that place outside Fayetteville GA” there are really no wrong answers.

    In the eternal battle of Incredibly Stoopid Comments, liberals are Xerxes’ 100,000 Persians at Thermopylae… and we are but Leonidas’ gallant 300 Spartans.

    Sure we can hold our own with Stoopid Comments for a few days. We do have a few loquacious numbnutz on our side… eventually our swords break and we run out of arrows… and there are still 95,000 of them spewing really stoopid comments. We never had a chance…

    OK… BobLee went from Laura vs Lebron to NCDOT roadsigns.

    I went from Laura vs Joy to Bond/BBQ to The Epic Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.

    I think I win. In my case, millennials (with public school educations) have absolutely no clue what I am talking about. Not that that is difficult to achieve these days.



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    Agent Pierce
    • DM Carpenter Reply
      2 years ago

      Another lesson from the Greek/Persian rhubarb: “Rejoice, we conquer.” is only good for this battle.

      Keep going, stay vigilant. As soon as one side declares victory, they sow the seeds of their loss.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        “…. then we shall fight them in the shade!” Leonidas kicks butt.

    • TarSpartan Reply
      2 years ago

      I worry about making comparisons to the 300 Spartans. After all, they lost in the end.

      As a former member of the Official UNC James Bond Fan Club (yes, there was such a thing in the 1990s), I posit that the discussion should be about 2nd Favorite Bond Girl. There is only one correct answer for Favorite.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        Remember, all “we” lose is title of Stoopidest Comment. We’re not talking about losing “America”.
        I maintain it is all about #2 Bond Girl. Ms Galore is obvious #1. I allow that others may be mistaken in their opinions. I’m sure Ringo Starr votes for Barbara Bach.

        • TarSpartan Reply
          2 years ago

          To this day my Mom wonders how John ended up with Yoko, when even Ringo got Barbara Bach…

          • Agent Pierce Reply
            2 years ago

            And, I think, they are together. Go figure!

            • TarSpartan
              2 years ago

              Yes they are. She goes by Barbara Starkey these days.

            • Agent Pierce
              2 years ago

              “Lady Starkey” since Ringo was knighted.

    • Radio_Smuggles Reply
      2 years ago

      One assumes that Laura’s goal was to marginalize the subject when in fact the opposite happened. Or did it? There must be a term for it or a case study of Trump versus the media and how/why it backfired so goodly. 😎

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        IMO …. DT can pull it off because he IS DT… Laura was quickly overwhelmed by it and probably realized she painted herself into a corner. We all might agree with going after LJ for insulting DT but she went after his right to do so. … IMO.

    • RAZ Reply
      2 years ago

      Laura went to a Bruce Springsteen concert couple years ago and her group of friends started yelling “shut up and sing” because Springsteen kept going on and on and on with the Dem/Lib bullcrap. ………So she named her new book “shut up and sing “…..Maybe since it worked once she would try it again

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        Working with a Live Mic is Russian Roulette … once one says it… it is out of your control. For 30+ years, NO ONE has had fewer gaffes than RL… but his enemies remember all 3-4. Tuff Bizness

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