AP… WARNING… I simply Don’t Know.

    Agent Pierce
    February28/ 2018

    WARNING: I Don’t Know… I simply Don’t Know!


    There, I’ve said it. Any minute now The Twitter Police, The Facebook Nazis, MENSA, and The ISoFK-I-A (Internet Society of Faux Know-It-Alls) will converge on SaidWhatMedia’s World HQ to take me to Internet Gitmo.

    I am breaking the sacrosanct rule. I signed an affidavit when I started this website page nine years ago…

    I, AgentPierce, do solemnly swear to always pretend I have all the answers to any / every socio-cultural-political dilemma du jour. … But I don’t.

    You signed a similar affidavit didn’t you? You can’t “be on the Internet” unless you think YOU have all the answers.

    Alas….. I do NOT know how to prevent Really Bad Stuff from happening to good people… or to liberals.

    Folks, I, AgentPierce, do not know the way out of this labyrinthian maze of Gun Rights / Gun Control / Et Al.  I simply DON’T KNOW.

    I am reading all the proposals.  All have serious flaws. Some are Incredibly Stoopid. Those are coming from “you know where”… The Left.

    Up until two weeks ago I did not know what “an AR-15” is. I woulda guessed it is the logical successor to AR-14, but not as cool as the AR-16 that will come out in May with a better camera, more memory and the ability to turn lead into gold.

    I own three “long guns”, one of which – a Winchester .30.30 – I have owned for 40+ years and never fired. One is a single-shot .410 with which, in 1967, I once shot a total innocent rabbit in a Jones County soybean field. The third is a short-barrel Mossberg 12 gauge pump… known affectionately as a home invader’s worst nightmare.

    Enter my house unannounced between midnight and 6 AM… and the last sound you will ever hear is that Mossberg being “racked” followed by various vital organs leaving your body in a hurry. I will worry about cleaning up the mess after you are disemboweled.

    FYI: I will NOT ask “Who goes there?” I will simply “rack” and pull the trigger.

    I have completed the required course for applying for a Concealed Carry permit” but I have never applied for one.

    I am not a member of The NRA nor any other organization that I can think of. I have been a member of four Rotary Clubs and one Kiwanis Club. I have been a member of Baptist, Presbyterian and Lutheran Churches over the years but am currently unaffiliated. I am not much of a “joiner” but I understand why most folks are.

    I am not even “a Republican” anymore. To paraphrase Groucho Marx… any organization that has John McCain as a member, I don’t want to join…

    I do, of course, align with Republicans at the ballot box in the never-ending war against The AmericanLeft… because The AmericanLeft are awful human beings. IF liberals have any redeemable features they manage to hide them under multi-layers of disgusting b***s**t.

    As you may recall… I have nothing in common with liberals but a pair of opposable thumbs.

    Back to this whole Gun Issue thing.

    Killing of otherwise innocent people, en masse or individually,  in schools, churches, malls, softball fields, Las Vegas, or pretty much anywhere is “a very bad thing”.  Being drunk and killing innocent people with an automobile is also “a very bad thing”.

    In “a perfect world”, things like that would not happen. Satan convinced Eve to eat that apple from The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil… and here we are.

    I DO agree with Barack Hussein Obama and his media stooges on one thing… YIKES!

    Like Barack and his stooges… I don’t care how many blacks kill other blacks in South Chicago either.

    At first I thought I should… but BHO and his buddies know that area way better than I do… and “culling the herd” seems OK with them… ???

    I DO think it is a VERY bad thing to… mass slaughter 100s of 1,000s of very very innocent babies in utero simply because their existence is an inconvenience.

    In our advanced society where numerous methods of birth control and lottery tickets are readily available… “Abortion For Convenience” is, IMO, a high crime worthy of punishment that is really painful and permanent.

    Any socio-political organization that views Abortion For Convenience as one of its major tenets for membership can count on my determined opposition 24/7. Let’s save this discussion for another day.

    I don’t see the need for “AR-15s” to be readily accessible to crazy sumbitches of any age or ethnicity BUT… I realize it is more complicated than that.  I have read the 2nd Amendment. That gives me an unfair advantage over screaming twits on TV with blow-dried hair, beady little eyes and permanently constipated forlorn scowls.

    “Arming school teachers” seems to me to be near the top of a scary list that also includes “giving 3 year olds uncapped Magic Markers”… and “giving liberals the right to vote”.

    Lets think this thru A LOT before we start passing out the .357s or even Walther PPKs to “public school teachers” circa 2018.

    A LOT of today’s public school teachers might easily qualify as “crazy sumbitches” themselves. They ain’t what you remember from “Happy Days”.  Not hardly…

    Give guns to elementary teachers and, before we know it, college professors will want them too.  Those raving lunatics shouldn’t even have paper clips… or nail clippers..

    Whatever is or is not “done” in the wake of The Florida School Shootings… “crazy sumbitches” will continue to “be out there”.   They are like cockroaches. We, as a society, will never get rid of all of them regardless of how often we call Orkin.

    My personal list of obviously crazy sumbitches who should be “put away immediately” is probably different from yours. Like fingerprints and snowflakes… all such lists are different.

    I am CERTAIN that if “my list” was activated, society would be markedly improved… but I know it won’t happen.


    If you don’t learn anything else from this commentary, I want you to know that…

    Dana Loesch’s last name is pronounced “Lash”…. not “Low-sh”… not “Les-ch”… not “Loose-sh”. It’s “Lash” like in Dana LoeschLash Larue or “eye lash”. Got it?

    I really like Dana “Lash”. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a hot chick packing heat.  It’s why I voted for Sarah Palin in spite of “Jackass John” McCain.

    I have researched enough of Mrs Loesch’s rather unorthodox life journey to appreciate “who she is”. I admire anyone who stares the AmericaLeft in its beady little eyes and doesn’t blink.

    Yes, Dana Loesch is kind of “edgy”. We need more Dana Loeschs today and in the days to come.

    The Battle For The Soul of America is going to get even more heated… even nastier… even scarier.

    My friends, I’m afraid we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet… sigh.



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    Agent Pierce
    • Former96heel Reply
      2 years ago

      Unfortunately this is what our country has devolved into. Arming teachers? I would accept it if I could make it a week without them preying on our youth sexually. I would hate to see if they were armed. Even a prepared alpha male would be potentially overwhelmed by a group of misguided kids. Aren’t public schools a half a step away from being a prison anyway? Go ahead and merge them. After the voucher system.
      There’s no wishing this away. There’s no legislation to be made. There are no promises to be unfulfilled. There is only being aware in your surroundings and knowing, if it happens to you, will you run at, or away, from danger, or decide to freeze and let fate run it’s course. It only takes one brave soul to try to stop these things when they erupt. Those odds go way up when there are more than one running at the danger.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        National Vouchers changes everything. Every parent who values the quality of their child’s education can escape the “swamp” that pub educ has become. Once safely removed from THAT, reasonable safety precautions can be developed within a workable environment.

    • JJ Fusion Reply
      2 years ago

      Try this on. Get teachers, whom chose to armed. Training, time on range, pass back ground check, and swear they have never voted straight democrat. If they have voted straight democrat, you assume they are nuts.
      Pay them a few hundred a month more.
      Have firearms in lock boxes, spread around the school.
      The chosen teachers, would have keys to them.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        OR… institute VOUCHERS in every school district in America. There has never been a school shooting at a private / parochial school. All the “good teachers” will opt to teach at “not-public” schools for obvious reasons. OK, just kidding… or AM I!

    • Radio_Smuggles Reply
      2 years ago

      Saving the soul of America? Having a conversation on the NEED to arm teachers, preachers…… anyone against potential mass shooters? We’re already too far down the rabbit hole.

      I have a rudimentary plan with an absolute zero chance of adoption based on technology. Close every school, sell all buses, and all real estate, buildings and equipment. Buy every teacher and school child a Mac or PC. With video conferencing, teachers teach from home and students learn from home, on the road or a any place. Like today there will still be winners and losers.

    • Bosco O Reply
      2 years ago

      Asian sales clerk at Bass ProShop racked that Mossberg for me and with a grin said, ” Internationah Rangrage”

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        Very inscrutable… 🙂

    • DM Carpenter Reply
      2 years ago

      I have long held that a “home security system” alarm sound should be just that sound, as it is much more visceral than, “This is Skip from ADT. Shoo! Shoo! Law Enforcement has been notified.” I do not care how high the creep who just broke the back window to gain entry might be. The sound of an Ithaca 37 getting ready is ‘distinctive’.

      I see this less ‘arming teachers’, and more ‘allowing teachers to be armed’. This is a fact of life in several locations now. Surprise, surprise, there have been no ‘blood in the streets’ massacres in classrooms (as constantly predicted by the Left) by annoyed teachers.

      Somewhat connected to this overall issue, I see that Dick’s Sporting Goods has decided to change policy to now sell any long arms to customers 21 and over. I guess it is a good thing they do not bake cakes.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        There seems to be some confusion over The Dick’s Sporting Goods issue. Best to give it 48 hours…

        • Ben in MO Reply
          2 years ago

          One school holds that racking the shotgun simply alerts the intruder. That’s the “hunt them down and kill ’em” school, IMO. I agree that the racking sound sends a powerful message: “I don’t want to kill you, but I will. Leave now.” I’m good with that.

          There seems to be physiological evidence that the judgement portion of the brain doesn’t develop until sometime in the early 20’s for most kids. Based on that, I would suggest changing several eligibility steps. Drive at 18, drink beer at 18, vote at 21, buy weapons at 21. I think it is preposterous that we don’t trust kids to drink until they are 21, but we think they are mature enough to vote. Between 18 and 21, I would suggest mandatory national service of some sort requiring living in a communal environment that would expose each person to people from other backgrounds, and incorporating the teaching of basic community standards, financial management, hygiene and personal responsibility. Wait! That sounds a lot like the way things were when we were growing up. Maybe that’s why we didn’t have so many of these problems?

          • Agent Pierce Reply
            2 years ago

            I’ll go a step further… two years of required military or equivalent service upon HS graduation… PRIOR to any “higher education”. The 18 versus 21 debate ? I always go for the older even if only 3 years.
            I’m pretty sure one can purchase a “racking” audio that “sends a message”. “Barking dobermans” is good too…

    • TarSpartan Reply
      2 years ago

      “As some day it may happen that a victim must be found/I’ve got a little list, I’ve got a little list/Of society offenders who might well be underground/And who never would be missed, who never would be missed…”

      Sorry, my daughter was just in a production of “The Mikado,” and the songs are on my mind. It’s amazing how 19th Century political commentary can still be valid.

      In all seriousness, one of the biggest problems is the difference in worldview. Progressives believe that people at heart are good and can be improved through whatever progressive beliefs are in fashion today. People like us know that all have sinned and will continue to do so without Divine Intervention.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        IMO… “Progressives” simply see “people” as vote fodder to enable them to take over The World because…

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