AP:… Thank You Mrs Clinton. Thank You VERY Much.

    Hillary Clinton
    March15/ 2018

    AP: Thank You Mrs Clinton… Thank You Very Much…


    What have I been telling you guys and gals for the past 18 months?

    That Lib/Dems don’t just “Hate Trump”. Donald Trump is just a convenient symbol for US.

    Lib/Dems HATE US… Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy, do… THEY HATE US !!!

    Hillary Clinton had to go to freakin’ Mumbai, India to tell the World how much she and her deranged disciples HATE US. Luckily for me and you all the other 63,000,000 of us “bitter clinging deplorables”…

    Hillary Vam

    The Smartest Woman In The World (Not Named Michelle Obama) has now made it official…

    She and her flock of rabid bats DESPISE US…. They LOATHE US… They DETEST US… According to Queen Hillary we are stoopid… we are ignorant… we are racists… we are bigots… we are misogynists… we are homophobes… we are xenophobes… we are all the “…ists” and all the “…phobes” there are and ever will be.

    Sticks and stones… sticks and stones…

    So now here’s what I want you to do…

    Here we’re always talking about “your liberal friends”.  I ask you WHY you profess to “having liberal friends” and you hem and haw about “family gatherings” and “office water coolers” and “neighborhood get-togethers”… blah blah blah.

    You could use those same lame excuses for why you have an STD…

    I admit to having about four… maybe five “liberal friends” depending on the time of day. Most of you probably try to seem magnanimous and claim you have “a number of”…. “liberal friends / acquaintances”.

    OK, whatever you say. Any more than six and you are either a closet-liberal yourself or wanting me to think you are the most magnanimous holy man/woman on Earth since Mahatma Ghandi. Actually I think you are a hypocritical masochist.

    FWIW… Ghandi only had three liberal friends.  How do I know? … How do you know otherwise.  Mother Teresa claimed to have two.

    Claiming even six liberal acquaintances is like saying “I really like to slam my hand in a car door… hit myself upside the head with a hammer… and drink really sour milk with a handful of thumbtacks.”

    Your “liberal friends” are always challenging you with “soooo, your guy Trump did / said ……”. How can you support anyone who “did/said….”.

    You stutter and stammer and try to “be nice” because you really don’t want to get into a knock-down drag-out with your so-called “liberal friend”.

    Do you know WHY they are always challenging you like that?

    Because your so-called “liberal friends” have the same low opinion of you that Hillary Clinton does.

    They have been programmed to view you just as she does. … and you tolerate that … why?

    When you are sitting down with “your liberal friend” what are you thinking… what do you think he/she is thinking? Is “thinking” the wrong word to use in such a situation?

    Several months ago I had one of my four “liberal friends” tell me over lunch that…Homer HeadSlap

    The #1 reason “America” is so messed up is… 

    Rescinding The Fairness Doctrine in 1987.

    In other words… permitting Conservative Talk Radio… !!! YOWSA! … giving the general public access to opinions and news views that are not “Left-Leaning”.

    Say it ain’t so Uncle Wally Cronkite!

    If God had intended mankind to hear both sides of “the news” He never woulda created Dan Rather or CNN.

    For the remaining 30 minutes of our lunch I had extreme tinnitus – “ringing in my ears”. It was the audio equivalent of opening a door and seeing…

    Whoopi Goldberg buck-nekkid eating a cocoanut macaroon.

    Aaaiiiieeeee! MY EYES… MY EYES!

    But, hey, I’m sure “your liberal friends” are different… right?



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    • David Reply
      2 years ago

      She is definitely the poster child for Bat Shit Crazy!

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        True that… but millions would still vote for her today. SCARY…

    • John Fusion Reply
      2 years ago

      John Hood is a fake conservative.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        You are being MUCH kinder to that sanctimonious weasel than I would be.

    • DM Carpenter Reply
      2 years ago

      AP, thanks for bringing up the “Fairness Doctrine”. I always got a kick out of listening to the pseudo-intellectuals at NPR bemoaning the passing of the FD. NPR, that tax-supported, non-profit, which should have emulated both sides, but somehow missed that boat, by a thousand miles, and several decades. NPR, 24/7 of Lib propagandizing, that I involuntarily support, while they bitch and moan about 15 hours per week of successful commercial radio. In years past, I did listen to NPR regularly, in order to get a sense of what the other side was thinking, and why. It did not take long for me to realize they were as predictable as Radio Moscow. My last link to NPR was reruns of ‘Car Talk’. When that went off, so did I.

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        Anything that liberals hate as much as they do The Fairness Doctrine (and, of course, that darned 2nd Amedmemt) has to be pretty darn good!

    • E Deploribus Unum Reply
      2 years ago

      How many liberal friends does John Hood have? Jeff Flake? Bill Kristol?

      • Agent Pierce Reply
        2 years ago

        They each have A LOT fewer Conserv friends now than they did two years ago. … and Libs still despise them. I doubt the three of them even like each other…

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