BL: Your Final Four Picks and…

    March26/ 2018

    BL: Your Final Four Picks and…

    Can we all assume that 99% of you reading this will be pulling for Loyola and the lovable little old nun – Sister Stormy – in The Final Four?  A no-brainer considering the other three.

    Oops, did I say Sister Stormy… I’m getting my weekend news mixed up… The Loyola nun is Sister Something else.

    Michigan? Memories of The Fab Four are still too fresh. It’s only been 27 years after all. Another three / four decades might dim that memory… maybe. Wanna bet 98% of American sports fans can’t name the Michigan Head Coach. It’s John Beilein, but who cares?

    Villanova? Again… vivid memory of just two years ago. If that “dagger to the heart” broke your heart (Tru VillanovaBlues) or delighted you (all Not-Tru-Blues) you do remember it. Their coach is some nice-looking guy whose name you can’t recall – Jay Wright – it’s NOT Rollie Massimino any more. I ran into Rollie Massimino about 8-10 years ago at a celebrity event. He was old and not really “with it”. It was one of those “didn’t you used to be somebody” situations that can be uncomfortable for all concerned.

    Kansas? Because KU is one of those 4-5 SuperPowers that competes with UNCCH, Duke, Kentucky for all the Top Ten guys, nobody but KU alum/fans ever pulls for them… unless they are playing Duke. Bill Self is not as universally disliked as Coach K or Calipari but he IS disliked because he has the annoying habit of winning a whole lot.  As I say that, I wonder if “Roy” is generally disliked outside of a 150 miles of The Old Water Fountain. Do college BB fan in Nebraska or New Mexico have strong feelings about Roy?

    Roy Jayhawk


    Speaking of ORW… the last time KU played in a F4 in San Antonio there was a bit of a brouhaha about “a Jayhawk sticker”… wonder who ORW will be pulling for this year?



    So that leaves Loyola of Chicago. You can’t name the coach or any of the players who are probably an intramural team anyway. Cinderella teams are always easy to spot because they have the most white guys… or a weird coach named “Shaka”.


    Blondie follows basketball even less than even I do, but asked me about Allen Grayson / Grayson Allen. She saw the replay of him hip-checking a guy several weeks ago. “Is he a bad guy?” she asked.

    I explained the 60 year history of Duke always having “a universally hated white guy”… Art Heyman… Bob Verga… Jay Bilas… Danny Ferry… Mike Gminski… Laettner… Hurley… Ridick… WoJo… Collins… Schreyer… Quin Snyder… Greg Paulus… … … my apology if I omitted a few dozen.

    I tried to explain the difference between “a dirty player” and “a highly competitive player”. The difference is all in the uniform he wears. Tyler  Hansbrough, Mark Mirken, Tim Stoddard, and pretty much everyone who played for Frank McGuire at South Carolina in the late 60s-early 70s were “highly competitive” to their own fans… but “dirty” to everyone else.

    OK… even USC fans knew John Ribock was a thug. And NC State’s “Dirty Dan” Wells was not so named because of lax personal hygiene.

    Blondie naively asked why hasn’t Duke had any “hated black guys”.

    Simple… Booing a black guy in Dean’s Dome much less yelling “F*** You Black Guy in Dean’s Dome simply can’t happen.  Dean recruited Charlie Scott in case you didn’t know.

    Several of Duke’s “hated white guys” have been rumored to have non-traditional sexual preferences.  Yelling THAT out in Dean’s Dome would be quite unlikely too don’t you know. …

    I don’t know if any of Duke’s “designated hated white guys” have been NRA members or had sex with porn stars.

    Grayson Allen Grayson inherited his reputation as “Duke’s Hated White guy’ upon arriving at Duke and promptly enhanced it via several well documented tripping episodes over the past four years.

    Tripping, spitting, throwing punches, mouthing obscenities, looking cocky, scowling, and being a clutch player in key situations are all real or imagined characteristics of “an officially- designated hated white guy”.

    I’m sure my friend Bob Harris has an opinion on this… no one would ever accuse Bob of being biased…

    Allen says Ridick was his idol growing up. Are there 14-15 y/os out there today practicing being Duke’s “Hated White Guy” in 2022 ???

    I don’t follow recruiting (or porn stars… I had never heard of “Stormy”) so I am wondering does Coach K has a designated “hated white guy” coming in next year to replace Allen? He has an obligation to keep the tradition alive.



    60 minutesSpeaking of “traditions”… I have a tradition of not watching 60 Minutes that is going-on well over 20 years now. I have however read various accounts of “Anderson & Stormy”.

    Would I have watched if Andy Rooney had been conducting the interview?  I would certainly have given it stronger consideration.

    Were dimwits really “blaming Duke” for going into OT and delaying “Anderson chats with Stormy”? If Grayson Allen Grayson had hit that floater at the end of regulation there would not have been a delay.  Damn you Grayson Allen.

    Gennifer Flowers

    Is it just me… but is there a distinct resemblance between Stormy Daniels and Gennifer Flowers ??? … Paula Jones no, but Gennifer ???

    Apparently the words… Marilyn Monroe – Chappaquiddick – and “better put some ice on that” – did not come up. I didn’t think they would.

    How long do you think it would take a roving street reporter to find a dozen millennials who have ever heard of Mary Jo Kopechne? … it was July 18, 1969 for anyone wondering “when was that….?”

    Anderson Cooper was born in 1967 as a point of reference. “Stormy” wasn’t born until 1979.

    Vince Foster would be 72 this year… if he had not died mysteriously in Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993. You think CNN’s Brooke Baldwin (UNC’01) has ever heard of Vince Foster? Brooke was 13 when Vince died… mysteriously.

    RE: That March in DC… I read somewhere that if all the signs containing “a certain 4-letter word beginning with F” were laid end-to-end, they would stretch twice around the equator.  That’s a LOT of  obscene signs… I also heard that the # of marchers in DC was 10X the # of “inconvenient” babies murdered in the womb each month. That sure is A LOT of marchers.  I wonder if Hogg-Boy used Bill Barber’s Official “Logistician” Peter Anlyan to count his # of marchers.

    Wonder if Hogg-Boy has ever heard of Monica Lewinsky?

    These are indeed “troubling times”…



    Wilbur SmithSpeaking of books I’m “reading” … I’m into a South African period these days. Wilbur Smith is generally considered the most prolific, if not best known, South African novelist. I’ve read his series featuring Hector Cross. Very good albeit somewhat graphic in its violence. I have Smith’s Courtney series in my queue.


    Also reading another South African / Australian author named Tony Park. I recommend both.



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    • Former96Heel Reply
      2 years ago

      I must have come from a darker, non-PC corner of Dook hatred, the Gastonia chapter. We found opportunity to hate all races of Dookie, and question the sexual preference of any dark blue uni-wearer.
      Exhibit 1: Brian Davis
      Exhibit 2: Trajan Langdon
      Exhibit 3: Reggie Love
      Prayer for summary judgement.
      But I grant you, if Carlos Boozer or Elton Brand were Heels, the love would have been equal to the hate they received. Now if Reggie had been a Heel, he may have a plaque in Memorial Hall now simply from his time as Barrack H’s ‘body man’, whatever that was.

      • BobLee Reply
        2 years ago

        Reggie Love is a very special case for all sorts of reasons. Your “from Gastonia” reference qualified everything from that point on. 🙂

    • RAZ Reply
      2 years ago

      No comment on the DC march….so… have to give credit where credit is due. …..The 17 year old “Hogg Boy” did something during one of his interviews that was amazing. He was able to master something that takes a construction worker months to learn…. He was able to use the F word as a noun, pronoun, verb adverb, etc etc etc … all in one very short paragraph …….. …and of course a school teacher from Pinehurst has to bring her two pre school girls up to DC for the march, they must have got a real earful, what a great learning experience.

      • BobLee Reply
        2 years ago

        Hogg-Boy has been well-trained by his “keepers”. The F-bombs and F-signs were abundant… as they were for the p*ssy-hat marchers at their Hoot ‘n Hate last year.

    • Reply
      2 years ago

      I had never thought about WHY Duke’s “most hated player” has to be a “white guy”; but you are exactly right. Determining the “most hated Duke player” is up to UNCCH fans. They simply can never publicly HATE and yell obscenities at a black player. But yelling obscenities at “a white boy” is perfectly acceptable in these troubling times.

      • BobLee Reply
        2 years ago

        Absolutely. I thought everyone understood that. Using that reasoning, if it could somehow be determined that Silent Sam was a black soldier, “he” would be applauded rather than vilified. Everything about UNCCH is totally predictable… always has been.

    • Lee.G Reply
      2 years ago

      BobLee, you ALWAYS manage to find angles to stories that no one else notes. Or maybe no one else has the courage to discuss. I appreciate that.

      • BobLee Reply
        2 years ago

        Thank you. The line between “courage” and “foolhardy” is very very fine. I have total autonomy over what I write. Very few “whatever I am” have that freedom.

    • ENC#1 Reply
      2 years ago

      I would not like Grant Hill if he played for DES but would have loved Tyler Hanstravel if he played for the GOAT. Also I think ORW is a better coach than DES and they both can coach their buttts off. Social media and the NCAA make following college athletics less enjoyable each year.

      Go Loyola win one for all the non power 5 conferences players and the rest of us who grew up cheering for Larry Miller, Jeff Mullins, Van Williford and Paul Long!!!

      • BobLee Reply
        2 years ago

        Social media has made Life In America much less enjoyable each year.

    • Doug Reply
      2 years ago

      It’s still amazing how the signing a simple letter of intent to play ball at a school can incite humans to either loathe or love another human.
      Wilbur Smith is a prolific native son of (Zambia) Northern Rhodesia. I wonder what his take is on white Zimbabwean and South African farmers having farm land confiscated and being assaulted or murdered for just being white? Very little of that news seeps out these days.

      • BobLee Reply
        2 years ago

        From what I can gather re: Wilbur Smith… he was a prolific writer 15-25 years ago. Almost the James Michener of Africa… and is now essentially a cynic old coot on wife #3 or 4.
        Duke & UNCCH recruited the exact same 4-5 players each year winning / losing 50% to one another year after year. Same guys diffferent uniforms.

    • NCSU68Grad Reply
      2 years ago

      I just got my copy of the translation for your column from “Clint – the Light Man” of Monument Valley Fame. I will not go into the details, but I had surcharges aplenty as he translated it. AN ASIDE….and only YOU will probably get this. We had a hymn recently in our choir practice. It was an old “standard”. at the bottom, were the lyrics written in Cherokee, Creek, Sioux and Navajo. NOW, I fully understand WHY the Navajo WWII Code Talkers were our secret lesson…..back on point….
      From the Top…..If I understood this…..
      Sister Jean is the “inspiration” for the Loyola Team. She is channeling Jimmy V….wonder if the glass slipper will fit? Sister Stormy (whom I did not watch….clothed or otherwise) performed to CBS’s expectations and is hoping for notoriety approach the “Monaco” status and her website and videos will be downloaded and her personal (unclothed) appearances will draw MORE liberal folks wanting an autograph. Sister Jean….she ain’t.
      As to the White Mail to Detest wearing a BB uniform….your comments were spot on. Their sexual preferences will NOT be the fodder for the Cameron Crazies or the UNX Loonies….or even the rabid Woflies…..NOT PC. What was that UNC’s players name with the Weed and the 9MM? P. J. whomever. I do NOT think that he is listed in the active or inactive membership ranks of the NRA. Had he been able to come back, throwing empty shell casings on the floor would have upset Luckie or TV Teddie….and got you arrested for bringing in a weapon of mass destruction to the crowd that stands on the sidelines of the court and gropes the inbound passer….Truly insightful..
      Now the guess is…..How many Oner and Doner’s do Mikey and Roy have and how many of Keatt’s band of rag-tag merrymen pull a Gottfried and leave
      My wife commented that Jay Wright looks like a primped Mafia enforcer who never breaks a sweat as he kills and tortures the hapless folks that don’t pay the loan sharks or the numbers runners…. He looks just as Dapper AFTER the game as before….Mikey and Roy and such are all “Tarred out….”.
      Loyola to victory. Jimmy V. will be helping Sister Jean….maybe even helping their opponents miss FT’s and J’s….Michigan and Self…..bit players in the drama….

    • Chip Reply
      2 years ago

      I once heard a very wise man state Mary Jo Kopechne was a national hero because she kept Teddy Kennedy out of the White House. There’s a movie coming out about Chappaquiddick coming out. Looks like it’s not too flattering to Teddy. Surprised it didn’t get squashed as, legend has it, The Kennedys miniseries was supposed to air on Showtime until Caroline Kennedy twisted arms at their parent company to stop it from airing. Fortunately for us it got on Apple

    • Bosco O Reply
      2 years ago

      Remember Saint Dean’s two thugs Merkin and Kangaroo had a little laky named Bhye. He came around the frat houses looking for old quizzes for his bosses. One late night he showed up sweating, smelling like a goat, in a panic that he had not yet procured the necessary documents. I asked, “Damn Birch, take a bath”. His retort, “I only got five minutes left on my Five Day Pad”

      • BobLee Reply
        2 years ago

        Was “Kangaroo” Billy Cunningham? Don’t recall their toadie but there have always been UNC BB toadies running their errands.

    • Bob Harris Reply
      2 years ago

      Me?? Biased???? No way!! LOL Thanks for the pub, my friend.

      • BobLee Reply
        2 years ago

        BH… You were A Legend long before I was. 🙂

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